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Why should you consider choosing Super Suraksha Days

Preventive care is the most important action you can take to take control of your health. Yes, Super Suraksha Days is a campaign aimed at bridging the gap between patient behavior and regular health screenings. Many people are unable to take care of their health due to financial, geographical, or occupational constraints. Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory’s Super Suraksha Days is a programme aimed to fill in the gaps mentioned above by offering discounts, providing home collection, and providing access to a variety of comprehensive preventive test packages.

Now, let us see how Super Suraksha Days can help us in keeping you fit and healthy?


Many health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes and thyroid problems can be avoided with regular screening. Preventive screenings are one method to spot any problems early. These preventive tests make it easier for health practitioners to discover subtle indicators of impending disease issues. Early detection of health issues reduces treatment costs and keeps people healthier and happier. This is one of the main reasons why preventive care is so important.


You are taking responsibility for your health and quality of life when you choose Super Suraksha Day Packages. When you have the information and guidance of your own health, it is easier to make good lifestyle decisions.


Regular preventive health tests not only help you stay healthy, but they can also save you money. Super Suraksha Packages include some of the most important and necessary body test parameters at extremely reasonable costs, making it accessible to people from all walks of life to book them, removing any excuses for not taking advantage of this health-prevention opportunity.


Working people frequently take time off to treat health issues including toothaches, migraines, and high blood pressure. These health problems can be easily detected and treated during a routine health test. The majority of preventive checks take only a few minutes to perform and give long-term relief from common health issues.


Our modern lifestyles, which include irregular ways of life, late working hours, and little to no physical activity, have created a breeding ground for diseases and lifestyle diseases, which is why diet and wellness consultations from Super Suraksha Days have become critical in addressing issues such as diabetes, High BP,  PCOD, IBS, Thyroid, and obesity.

So, if you’re looking to improve your health and quality of life, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory’s Super Suraksha Days may be the ideal option.


This information is not intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. Your doctor should be consulted for any medical advice. Dr. B Lal accepts no responsibility for the contents of this information, despite the fact that every precaution was taken in its development.



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