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Unlock the door to a thriving healthcare venture with Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory – Rajasthan's dynamic diagnostic powerhouse. Our relentless pursuit of excellence merges cutting-edge technology, innovative practices, and a dedicated team ethos. Backed by over 30 years of unwavering trust from patients and healthcare professionals alike, our NABL Accredited laboratories set the gold standard for top-tier quality. Offering an extensive gamut of 1500+ tests across various disciplines, from basic screenings to advanced diagnostics in Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Serology, and Molecular Biology. Seamlessly reach your audience with our extensive Sample Home Collection service, covering the widest area in Rajasthan and Ahmedabad. Dive into our franchise network and become a beacon of transformative healthcare excellence with Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory

"Healthy Dafter - Corporate Wellness Program” aims to enhance productivity through well-being with a 360 degree health coverage programme that includes health screening packages, healthy diet programmes, a modern pharmacy subscription, and health awareness seminars & consultations with professional dieticians/doctors.


Why Employee Health should be your top priority?

  • Smoking, Alcoholism and Obesity are all associated with a range of health problems such as heart diseases, diabetes and respiratory issues. These health problems can result in frequent absenteeism, longer sick leaves and reduced overall work performance and increases health care costs.
  • Working remotely can lead to feelings of isolation and depression, which can affect an employee's mental well-being. Depression and Anxiety are leading reasons for reduced productivity.
  • Employee dealing with health issues feels unsupported, which leads to reduced job satisfaction and a higher likelihood of turnover.
  • Employee Absenteeism is challenging for employers in industries where staffing levels are critical.



Benefits of a Healthy Workforce:

  1. Rising Happiness Quotient - engaged workforce
  2. Reduced Workplace Accidents
  3. Improved Mental Health
  4. Reduced Sick Leaves
  5. Tax Savings, Reduced Insurance costs
  6. Detection of Chronic Disease at an early stage


What We Offer:

  • Corporate Suraksha Packages: Comprehensive health checkups ranging from basic to advanced health screening ensuring healthy and safety of your employees via our exvlusive on-site camps, Annual empanelments and Pre-employment Packages.
  • Compliance Packages: Comprehensive health checkups ensuring compliance with all statutory requirements of your business such as factories act, food safety and standard act, chemical act, drug abuse panel, etc.
  • Customised Health Packages: Customised Health Packages that can be tailored to your company's specific needs and budget.

Analyze your company health score with our innovative Corporate Dashboard:

We provide a graphical representation of the company's overall health based on the data from our annual health checkup for the parameters you choose which consists:

  • Detailed insights based on global health parameters
  • Identifying the risk categories (high, medium and low)
  • Motivation for your employees to improve their health, reduce their risk of lifestyle diseases, and charge your company's work environment with drive and positivity.


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