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How to Stay Safe from Respiratory Infection During this Diwali

While the cities are adorned with lights, the streets are filled with laughter and the corridors with laughter, the sky is covered with smog. It’s that time of the year when the whole country prepares itself for Diwali, the festival of the year. 

But the one thing you may not look forward to is the pollution and respiratory infections caused by it. 

Yes, it’s that time of the year when you can see pollution in the sky. It is as if smoke wraps the city like a blanket. Thus, how would learning that you have a respiratory infection be unexpected while you are breathing smoke? 

But just so you know, it’s possible to prevent respiratory infections to some extent.

So, keep reading this blog because we will be sharing a few tips that can help you stay safe from respiratory infections. 

Wear a mask

Flashback to 2020 when the world was fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.  Everybody was in their homes, maintaining social distancing, and wearing a mask. Now, it’s time to do the same. 

Masks are an effective tool that you can use to prevent respiratory infections. 

Wash your hands from time to time

Washing hands frequently is the pillar of good hygiene. It can protect you against respiratory infections and viral infections as well. 

So, do not skip washing hands, and keep a sanitiser in your hands. Consider this a gentle reminder that hands are no less than a home and carrier for germs. So, stay protected by washing your hands every now and then. 

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Practice good respiratory hygiene

This goes without saying. Good respiratory hygiene is essential to stay protected from respiratory and viral infections. This includes: 

Covering your mouth with a cloth whenever you cough

Do not just keep or throw tissues and napkins anywhere. 

Use a hand sanitizer every time you touch your nose or mouth. 

Use masks

Stay indoors if possible 

Now is not a good time to stay outdoors for long. So, do your best to not to step out. If you cannot avoid it, try limiting it instead. If staying outdoors is not possible, ensure that you have a mask on at all times and you take a bath after returning home.

Keep the exhaust fans and chimneys on

Exhaust fans and chimneys allow the air to be recirculated. This can help minimise indoor air pollution. Just so you know indoor air pollution is much worse than outdoor pollution. 

Focus on boosting your immunity 

Your body has its own army, remember? So, you must power it up with fruits and veggies rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Consider adding fruits power-packed with magnesium and vitamin C.

Exercise and Sleep

Regular physical activity and adequate sleep are essential for a strong immune system.

Consult a Healthcare Professional

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or have been exposed to someone with a known infection, consult a healthcare professional for guidance on testing and treatment.

Now is not the time to fall sick with respiratory infections! This is the time to enjoy the festivities and celebrate it with the people you love. So, be on your guard and follow these tips to stay protected from pollution and respiratory infections.

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