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What is Black Fungus Infection? Everything you need to know

The country is facing the second wave of covid-19 and all medical professionals are trying to control it. But there is another challenge the country’s medical professionals are dealing with right now… rising cases of mucormycosis or Black Fungus. Rajasthan Govt. and other states have officially declared the Black fungus infection is an epidemic because they are recording an unproportionate number of cases, most of them linked to COVID complications.

A rare and deadly fungal infection, called Black Fungus or mucormycosis, is infecting patients of the covid-19 disease in India. ICMR and the Union health ministry released an advisory on 9 May, 2021 for screening, diagnosis and management of Black Fungus. If we don’t treat it, the disease can be deadly for COVID-19 patients with uncontrolled diabetes, ICMR warned.

What is black fungus Infection?

The black fungus infection, also known as mucormycosis, is a serious but rare fungal infection caused by a group of molds called ‘Mucormycetes’. Mucormycetes live throughout the environment and are present all over the place in nature. It can affect areas from where it can be inhaled—through the lungs, nose, and sinus. Mucormycetes can cause local infection if it enters from a skin or wound, but if it enters from the sinus, it can affect the brain and eyes. Poor management of diabetes control is the biggest cause for the rising numbers, especially post-Covid. Also, patients with low immune defence systems, or those who have undergone a transplant, are on immunosuppressants, or have been on a ventilator for a long period of time, are at higher risk.

Symptoms of black fungus infection

The symptoms include


Nasal congestion

Facial pain 

Pain in eyes or loss of vision

Swelling in cheeks and eyes

Black crusts in the nose. 

If we don’t treat it , it may result in removal of the nose, blindness, jaw-bone or even death.

How can it be prevented?

Wear a mask before coming across especially gardens, dusty areas, rotting garbage and food.

Wear clothes that don’t show your skin or show a little bit as possible.

Controlling sugar levels and blood glucose is a must for diabetic patients.

People who are taking steroids prescribed by a doctor should be constantly monitored and the dosage should be reduced in consultation with your doctor.


The cases of black fungus disease are increasing day by day. The shortage of black fungus drugs issue will resolve soon, says the centre. Till we need to be more cautious and boost the immune system and if you recover from covid-19 infection then find out how much antibodies you have developed post-covid with help of spike protein antibody test


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