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Why Post Covid Health Checkup is Important?

While COVID-19 continues to spread its rage over the world, positive recovery rates have given hope to people that it’s not the worst disease to fight. However, post-Covid care needs to be taken seriously, even after a person has tested negative for the virus. A large number of people are recovering from Covid-19 infection after they tested covid positive. Though medications help covid19 patients overcome health complications, some of the recovered coronavirus patients have been facing post-recovery complications.

Importance of Post Covid Health Checkup

After post-covid, most individuals do gain sufficient antibodies which prevent chances of reinfection. However, it’s still not conclusive as to how long immunity can last. Reinfection cases have been documented as well. More so, for people who are in the high-risk category, or are old, taking preventive measures to further protect immunity can be quite helpful.

Hence, it is important to not take post covid infection lightly.  While we know the guidelines that suggest wearing masks and maintaining social distance, some of the remarks can help a patient maintain holistic wellness and boost immunity.

Things you need to do after having recovered from coronavirus infection

Exercise Consistently

Exercising might be troublesome in the starting while you’re recovering, because your body is weak, however, gradually bringing it to your everyday schedule will make you both mentally and physically strong.

Have a Nutrition Diet

Food eases the path to recovery. The right nutrition food will help you gain your strength back in days. Make sure your diet includes plenty of proteins such as legumes, lentil soup seeds, boiled eggs, nuts, and chicken stew. Proteins repair the body. Eat small portions for easy digestion. On a daily basis eat 1 fruit. Drink more water each day to stay hydrated.

Play Memory Games

The virus infection may cause damage to your memory cells. In order to regain the lost attention, analytic thinking abilities, and memory, invest some of your days’ time in playing memory games, puzzles, and activities that make you think harder.

Check Your Blood Oxygen Level

It is important to continue monitoring your blood oxygen saturation level with your oximeter. Even if you have recovered from Covid infection, there could be lung damage that you don’t know of. If so, your oxygen level will differ and dip below 90. You will need to visit the doctor.

Post Covid Suraksha Package

After recovering from SARS-CoV-2 infection, it is important to go through certain tests if you are having or had any severe form of Covid-19. Most of the people facing many types of post covid complications after recovering from covid infection. This is why health professionals are suggesting going for a post covid health checkup. Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory has introduced a new package(Post Covid Suraksha Package). The Post Covid Suraksha Package is tailored to monitor vital parameters for a safe and total recovery.


Now we all understand the importance of post covid health checkup. Consult your physician before doing anything because every patient has a different situation. If you want more information then call us at 9166125555 or visit



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