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Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory at Voice of Healthcare: Trusted Lab in Rajasthan

This year has surely started on a very positive note for our team as Dr. Banwari Lal Gupta, Managing Director, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory has been facilitated with the Lifetime Achievement Award In Clinical Laboratory Science by Voice of Healthcare. This phenomenal accomplishment is a reflection of 33 long years of commitment to serving you with excellence. 

Voice of Healthcare acts as a connecting platform in the healthcare industry that identifies and evaluates potential ideas, brings together stakeholders and tackles bottleneck situations to pave the way for advancements in healthcare

Healthcare has seen so many advancements in recent decades, not only in terms of technology and innovation but also in terms of easier accessibility and delivery. From standing in long queues to booking appointments online, with a single click, the whole experience has become hassle-free. At Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratories we believe in evolving with the changing times, adhering to the most innovative modalities to give you an experience that is not only convenient but at par with the best. 

The journey started more than 3 decades back in the year 1991 when the foundation of our first specialized center was laid down in Panch Batti Jaipur. Today, we have more than 130 collection centres all across Rajasthan and Ahmedabad. We have more than  12 Regional Laboratories, equipped with the best technology and manned by highly skilled and experienced teams of Clinicians and Technicians. With the motto of serving best and serving all, we focused on reaching out to the community with one major goal - Optimal Wellness. Every year, we cater to the needs of more than 10 lakh patients, providing the most advanced diagnostic tests, wellness packages and preventive services. 

What we stand for

  • Customer First: We ensure all of our efforts to go above and beyond for our customers and create a WOW experience, always keeping the principle of "CUSTOMER FIRST" in mind.
  • Accountability: We promote the practice of accepting personal responsibility for every procedure at every level and across the entire business.
  • Respect & Trust: Every patient is important to us, and we treat them with respect and dignity. With each patient, we speak frankly and build relationships based on trust and respect.
  • Excellence: From start to finish, we ensure the highest quality of work and try to be the best in everything we do for our patients.

Transforming healthcare

Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratories is a symbol of a bond, a representation of a connection. We don't just take blood samples here; we also take care of our people. This is the reason why we are constantly looking for ways to upgrade your healthcare experience. We have a dedicated Mobile App that allows people to explore and learn about our services as well as from the comfort of their homes. We reach our people far and wide, to help them keep their health on the right track. Just like you get updates about the trending news, you can now stay up to date when it comes to your health. 

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