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Busting the myths about Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disease that occurs when blood glucose, also known as blood sugar, is too high. Blood sugar is the main source of energy and it is derived from the food that we eat.

Insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas, the main function of this hormone is that it helps glucose from food to get into your cells so that it can be used for energy.

Sometimes the body is not able to make enough insulin or doesn’t use insulin well. Glucose staying in your blood is not able to reach your cell.

This condition of having too much glucose in your blood causes diabetes. Although getting a cure for diabetes is not that easy still steps can be taken to manage it.

Sometimes diabetes is also called by names such as “a touch of sugar” or “borderline diabetes.”

People do not even consider diabetes a serious disease.

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The following are a few myths about Diabetes that people generally have. Let’s break those myths and provide you the right information.

1. Diabetes is not a serious disease.

NO. Diabetes causes more deaths per year than cancer and other major disease combined. If you have diabetes then the chances of getting a heart attack are very much. However, managing diabetes can reduce the potential risk of other complications.

2. People with diabetes say no to sugar.

Generally, people think that people with diabetes will have to eat a sugar-free diet.

However, the fact is that people with diabetes should focus more on a diet that is balanced, where sugar can be present in some amount.

It is okay for people with diabetes to eat sugar.

3. Type 2 Diabetes only affects obese People

type 2 diabetes is can lead to overweight-ness however it is totally wrong to say that type 2 diabetes can only affect overweight people.

According to research, around 20% of people around the world with type 2 diabetes are normal weight, or underweight.

Even Type 1 diabetes is also not caused due to excess weight or lack of exercise.

4. Sugary drinks cause diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association people with type 2, diabetes should avoid drinking sugar-sweetened beverages and switch to water whenever possible.

Why Sugary drinks are denied by doctors is because of the fact that sugary drinks raise blood sugar and are capable of providing several hundred calories in just one serving.

Some of the Sugar-sweetened beverages include Regular soda Fruit, Fruit drinks, Energy drinks, Sweetened coffee drinks, etc.

5. People with diabetes should not eat sweets or chocolate.

As part of a balanced diet, people with diabetes can consume sweets and chocolate. Sweets should be consumed in a moderate amount.

6. People with diabetes should not involve themselves in any physical exercise, especially sports.

There have been diabetic sportsmen and women who have disproved this myth. It becomes very important for People with diabetes to indulge themselves in exercises for a healthy lifestyle.

There are some factors where a diabetic patient should be careful about but people with diabetes can easily indulge in exercises.

7. People with diabetes are more prone to become ill

It is not right to say that People with diabetes are more likely to fall ill. The association of illness with diabetic people is that it makes blood glucose levels more difficult which at times increases the severity of an illness or infection.

Thus, it is not true that people with diabetes can easily catch a cold or fall ill.

8. People with diabetes should avoid carbs

There is no evidence to suggest that people with diabetes need to avoid carbs, though some people choose eating plans that avoid them. In fact, the evidence suggests that including the right amounts of carbs, protein, and fat can help manage your blood glucose levels. Working with your health care team can help you find the right balance for you.

9. Diabetes is a contagious disease.

Most people believe that Diabetes is contagious. Diabetes is proved as being a non-communicable illness there is no chance of it being passed on by sneezing, through touch, or by blood, or any physical contact.

Though children can suffer from diabetes if it is in their genes but not necessarily.

10. If you have diabetes, it is easy to detect by symptoms.

Though every illness shows its symptoms it is not always true that it can be easily identified by them. For instance, Type 2 diabetes is not easily identified. It can go easily go undiagnosed because it usually has few or no symptoms when it starts to develop initially.

11. Insulin is harmful.

Insulin is the most opposite of being harmful .it is indeed a lifesaver but can be difficult to manage for some people. New and improved insulin has the power to reduce blood sugar. Doctors test your blood sugar levels, to know how your treatment plan is working for you.

12. Women with diabetes getting pregnant are not okay.

Women who have diabetes can get pregnant. They can too have a normal pregnancy if they maintain a healthy diet.


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