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Tips to Prevent Heart Diseases

The heart is the most important organ of the human body which should be kept in an optimum condition to lead a healthy life and live to the fullest. Often heart health is ignored or not given much attention as heart diseases take a longer time to show symptoms. Today cardiac issues are a common cause of death among the population of all age groups. So, it becomes essential that we be aware of the factors which affect our heart health.

Heart health is affected by many factors. Let’s see what those are:

Age – Growing age affects the health of your heart. With age risk of getting heart diseases increases. 

Sex- Some studies show that some heart risks are greater in men than in women. Women are more immune to heart risks due to estrogen but diabetes projects higher risks of heart diseases in women.

Ethnicity- People of some particular group have higher risks of heart disease than others. South Asians have higher risks of heart diseases than East Asians.

Family History- If there is a history of heart diseases in the family then other members have a higher risk of heart diseases.

Tips to prevent heart diseases

Lifestyle is a very important aspect in overall health as it is our day to day activities, how we eat, function, and way of living which affects the whole body not only health. 

So let’s look at what we can do to keep the risk of heart diseases at bay:

Blood pressure regulation

The most crucial element of heart health blood pressure. Irregular blood pressure can be the cause of strain on the heart and also result in heart stroke. If you have blood pressure issues make sure to consult a doctor.

Cholesterol control

Cholesterol can form fat globules and block the arteries which can result in a heart attack. It is one of the most common causes of a heart attack. The best way to control cholesterol is to reduce the intake of unsaturated fats in the diet and increase fibrous food and, healthy fats.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, protein-rich fruits is essential to maintain a healthy body and a healthy heart. Excess intake of sugar and salt should also be avoided. Omega 3 rich sources should be taken.

Maintain weight according to BMI

Excessively obese people are at the highest risk of heart diseases and stroke. Excess weight causes a strain on breathing and a restricted supply of oxygen, artery blockage, high triglyceride levels, etc. a weight near to your BMI index can help you maintain a healthy heart.


A minimum of 30 minutes of walking every day can lower your risk of heart diseases by 30%. Any type of physical activity will keep you fit and active. 

Limit alcohol and smoking It all comes to lifestyle. Excessive alcohol and smoking are poisonous for your heart which affects slowly and it’s too late when the damage is done. So monitoring your habits is important.  

Regular health and heart check-up

It is important to get a regular check-up of your heart health so, you know if you need to make changes in your habits or not. Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory has full body and cardiac check-ups which can be taken to analyze the condition of your heart health.



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