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MRP: ₹2430

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  • Age Group
    0-99 Years
  • Report Generation Time
  • Sample Type
    EDTA Blood,Plasma,Serum
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Being Overweight/ Obesity is now recognized as a risk factor for many chronic diseases which increases risk to health. If your BMI is 30.0 or higher, it falls within the obesity range. This panel helps with the evaluation of factors that are abnormally affected in people who have excess body weight. Know your Cause for Obesity & reduce the chances of obesity related complications like: type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and thyroid disease, long-term obesity in pregnant women.


Minimum 10-12 hours fasting is mandatory

Total Test included : 11

  1. Cortisol ( Basal )

  1. Glucose (F)

  1. Total Cholesterol
  2. HDL Cholesterol
  3. LDL Cholesterol
  4. Triglyceride
  5. Non HDL Cholesterol
  6. Cholesterol : HDL Ratio

  1. Creatinine
  2. Creatinine eGFR

  1. Haemoglobin
  2. Haematocrit (HCT)
  3. Red Blood Cell Count (RBC)
  4. Mean Corposcular Volume (MCV)
  5. Mean Corposcular Haemoglobin (MCH)
  6. Mean Corposcular Haemoglobin Conc.(MCHC)
  7. Red Cell Distribution Width (RDWcv)
  8. Total Leucocyte Count (TLC)
  9. Differential Leucocyte Count
  10. Segmented Neutrophils
  11. Lymphocytes
  12. Eosinophils
  13. Monocytes
  14. Basophils
  15. Absolute Leucocyte Count
  16. Neutrophils
  17. Lymphocytes.
  18. Eosinophils.
  19. Monocytes.
  20. Basophils.
  21. Platelet count
  22. Mean Platelet Volume (MPV)

  1. Free T3
  2. Free T4
  3. TSH

  1. Uric Acid

  1. 25- Hydroxy Vitamin D3

  1. S.G.P.T (ALT)

  1. S.G.O.T (AST)

  1. Magnesium

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