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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Go for Blood Tests

Let’s discuss why you need a regular blood test. Getting routine tests at intervals can allow a person to see the way a body changes over time and thus empower one to make an informed decision about your health and lifestyle.

Your doctor will typically recommend that you should get a routine blood test work at least once every year, around the same time as you would like to go for a physical body health check-up. But this is just a minimum value. There are many major reasons you might definitely intrigue you to get a blood test done more often than that:

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

You want to reduce your risk of disease or complications. Regular blood tests can catch the early warning signs of almost any disease. Many hearts, lungs, and kidney conditions can be diagnosed using blood tests itself.

Regular lab testing can also take you a step further than just disease prevention. Taking tests annually will help you stay on top of your game and maximize the quality of your life. You can use them to improve your mood, libido, cognitive function, and overall energy levels.

It is always feasible that you go for regular blood tests to be sure instead of going nowhere with guessing. Without lab tests, it is hard to know exactly what is going on in our bodies.

Fluctuation in Weight

If you want to know the reason behind a sudden increase or decrease in weight than a blood test can definitely help you out.

A sudden increase in weight can increase your workout time and also be on a strict diet, also leads to many diseases related to heart and liver damage problems, and a sudden decrease in weight can also be a problem that leads to thyroid issues.

Total Blood Count

With the help of this, you alone can prevent many problems. Like from the count of WBC aware you from any kind of infection, Platelets counts will aware you from blood clotting issues, and many more just like that. You want to maximize your healthy life.

Knowing the levels of various blood components, such as HDL and LDL cholesterol, can allow you to take a look into your diet or fitness plan to diminish unhealthy habits (that you might not even realize are unhealthy). This can also optimize the nutrients you put in your body and well.

Sex Hormones

The blood test keeps a record of testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. If you experience low libido levels, erectile dysfunction, infertility issues, or disinterest in sexual activities, the reason could be a drop in the levels of your sex hormones which can certainly be detected with a blood test.


If you are a blood donor then you must be perfectly healthy and fit with nobody tattoos and your body should be as clean as a temple and by getting a blood test from time to time you will be more aware of your health status and also will be capable of donating blood and helping the world a lot more.

Different Bodies with Physical Appearances

If you are experiencing unusual and persistent symptoms. These could include anything from fatigue to an abnormal weight gain to completely new pain and vain. Every human body is different with respect to physical appearances.

From a regular blood test, you can have your exact requirements that your body needs. That will also be a profit to your physician and fitness trainer too.

Health Progress

You are getting older and older every day, with increasing in minor health issues. It’s a common risk factor that bothers all human beings all the time.

Some of them are heart diseases, diabetes, and many more. If something wrong occurs someday then you can take proper treatment and precautions.

Nutrients Requirements

Nutrients are an essential part of the body that are necessary for their healthy and smooth functioning. If there is a deficiency in any of these important constituents, it can lead to issues like fatigue, headaches, insomnia, body odor, muscle cramps, and constipation.

From a regular blood test, you can have a look at the requirements of minerals and vitamins which you needed.

Deceptive Appearances

Common sicknesses like fever, cough, cold, and headaches are generally not given much importance, with the belief that it will automatically be cured.

From just a physical examination even Doctors can fail to detect as that may lead to a serious problem. From a proper blood test, the exact status can be found.

Health is Wealth

The healthier you are, the easier and happier your life will be. If you want to take care of yourself than have a blood test time by time, as you are taking care of yourself. From this, the vital importance/requirements can also be a good profit.

Lab test includes Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), complete blood count, Fast Blood Sugar (FBS), Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS), Lipid Profile, Serum Creatinine, Uric Acid and more. Booking a blood test is much easier and quicker.

Well at least I would recommend you to take the blood test more than just once a year but definitely, talk to your doctor first if you want to get a certain test more often than once a year.



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